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provides our customers with a full range of high-quality security fencing systems. We can design a fence system to meet your requirements, including fences made of chain link or woven wire mesh and welded wire partitions. If you are looking for something a bit more secure, such as fencing for trash enclosures, airports, prisons, private property or for homeland security, we can provide barbwire and razor ribbon and both exterior and interior expanded metal security fencing. Are you into sports? We can build the fencing for your tennis court or batting cage and backstop. Did your vehicle gate, manual or automatic, break down? We can build you a new one, or provide emergency 24-hour repairs. For that added artistic touch, we can make ornamental iron or welded wire fences.

Some of our many services include:

• Chain Link - Exterior and Interior
• Ornamental Iron
• Automatic Gates
• Wire Mesh and Welded Wire Partitions
• Wind Screen
• Barbed Wire and Razor Ribbon
• Bollards
• Interior Security Fencing
• Slide/Swing Gates and Hardware
• Tennis Courts
• Batting Cages and Backstops
• Trash Enclosures
• Repairs
• Emergency 24-Hour Repair
• and more

Chain Link

Chain link can be one of the most effective and affordable methods to provide security and privacy to your property, home, business, equipment, or storage areas. It is cheaper than wrought iron, and more durable than standard wood fencing, and require little or no maintenance. Our products include galvanized fencing to protect against rust, plastic slats to afford you some privacy, and wire mesh in sizes from 3/8” to 2 inches. Another option, instead of plain galvanized chain link fences, is to add a vinyl coating for a splash of color, or to blend in with the surrounding while keeping the fence weather-proof. We provide many colors to choose from. Look no further than Interstate Fence Company for all your chain link needs

Products Include:

• Galvanized
• Vinyl coated  (many colors available)
• Plastic slats
• Wire mesh sizes from 3/8”-2”

Commercial Gates

What would a fence be without a way to get into the enclosure? If you are looking for a gate for your fenced-in enclosure, let us help you design and build gates of any size and style. It can be as simple as a chain link slide and swing or an ornamental iron gate, to something more complex like an emergency exit with alarmed panic bars or electric strikes. Need something even more secure? We can create hydraulic closure gates and lever lock sets. Add in electronic card access for added protection. If you need to keep vehicles rather than people out, we can even create vehicle gates. And, to top it off, we’ll make sure it is all ADA compliant.

• Chain link slide and swing
• Ornamental iron
• Emergency exit
• Panic bars
• Alarmed
• Lever lock sets
• Hydraulic Closures
• Electric Strikes

Gate Automation

Interstate Fence Co. is highly experienced in the installation and maintenance of automated gate and door entry systems. We can install automatic gate operators for both swing and slide gates. If you need pedestrian access, such as to a gated community, we can provide gates requiring mechanical or electrical locks with optional card key access. Alternatively, we can provide turn stiles for pedestrian gates. If a gate for vehicles is needed, we can install vehicle control arms.

Applications Include:

• Automatic gate operators for both swing and slide gates
• Pedestrian-access gates requiring mechanical or electrical lock hardware and card key access.
• Access control

Ornamental Iron Fencing

Ornamental Iron fences offer security with an aesthetically-pleasing appearance. Blending form and functionality, ornamental iron fences are available in many styles, such as steel and aluminum, and we offer a variety of color finishes. From grills to fence toppers, we offer both standard and custom-made ornamental fences, from brands such as Ameristar, Monumental Iron, Ametco, and Louver Fence. Protect your home or business in style with Interstate Fence Company.

We are Ameristar Autrorized Supplier & Installer.

Woven Wire Panel Fences

Wire Mesh Partitions, either welded or woven, are another way to provide security to sensitive areas and be more visually attractive than the standard chain link fence. The fence comes in a standard grey or black, but can also be powered coated to meet you color specifications, such as blending in with the surrounding foliage by having green-colored fencing. Modular construction of wire mesh allows for simple and convenient changes and reconfiguring for any of your fencing needs. Because of its versatility and strength, wire mesh fencing can be installed and used in many applications, such as:

• Garages
• Bonded areas
• Secure Storage Areas
• Interior lab walls
• Data centers
• Prevent unwanted access to secure areas
• Medical equipment and supply storage
• Raised computer floors
• Carpeted offices

Ornamental Welded Wire Fence    

Welded wire is state-of-the-art fencing.  Attractive, contemporary and modern design designs for corporate, schools, amusement and public parks and any outdoor areas requiring fencing. It is also excellent for outdoor pet areas, or keeping animals out of gardens. We offer a variety of brands for your ornamental welded wire fence, including Omega, Design Master, Leggi, Secur, Orsogril, and more.

Wind Screen

Do you have a tennis or basketball court that needs protection from wind? Or a pool that you don’t want leaves blowing in to? What you need is a wind screen. It will protect an enclosure from wind and weather, as well as providing privacy. Many textures and colors are available for your specific needs, from golf courses or amusement parks, baseball outfield fencing to plain shade covers.

Security Fences - Barbed Wire and Bollards

Barbwire and Razor Ribbon

For when you need maximum security for your fences, we offer both barbwire and razor ribbon. Razor ribbon comes in a single coil of 18”, 24” and 36.” We also offer Super Maze alternating double coil razor ribbon. Finally, we offer Ulta Barrier Razor Strips. Make sure your enclosure is safe with barbwire or razor ribbon.


Bollards provide protection and traffic control. The removable, lockable posts are used to close a road, path or secured area from vehicle traffic, while letting pedestrian traffic through. They are commonly found at places such as schools and college campuses, where traffic is discouraged normally in favor of letting students walk, but still allows the occasional vehicle to pass. Alternatively, permanent, concrete-filled bollards are available for paths that will not be open to vehicles and only have pedestrians. Interior-flanged pipe bollards are also available. We offer heavy-duty galvanized bollards with optional paint/powder coating. They measure between 2 ⅞” OD to 12 ¾” OD.

• Removable and Lockable
• Permanent Concrete Filled
• Pipe Bollards – Interior Flanged
• Heavy-Duty Galvanized
• Painted/Powder Coated

Other Services

• Fencing Repairs
• Slide and Swing Gates
• Tennis Courts
• Batting Cages and Backstops
• Basketball standards
• School playground equipment
• Welding
• Trash enclosures
• Ranch Rails
• And many more ...

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